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FITTIN- Bringing an active lifestyle to the world


Living actively, inspiring wellness and creating community.

Our mission is to create high-quality activewear while providing genuine, uncompromised, and extraordinary service.

We want to bring a healthy lifestyle to as many women as we can. Our quality gear is designed to elevate your favorite activities, but also enhance your movement in your everyday life.

We take inspiration from our natural surroundings and patterns that inspire audacity, resourcefulness and positive living.

We are relentless about making the best workout clothes in the world and inspire as many as we can to live a life without limitations.

 The sportswear label FITTIN SPORTS was founded in 2015 with the aim of offering active people a fine selection of clothing that supports the wearer in creating a feeling of well-being and self-confidence - both at the gym and in everyday life.


The great variety of products and the high quality standards of the selected materials result in a portfolio that leaves nothing to be desired. You can go from work straight to the gym all without having to change clothes. This is not only practical and time effective, but also guarantees a stylish appearance at all times.

With FITTIN SPORTS, we combine our passion for fashion with a powerful design concept. Sporty, sexy, casual - everyone should enjoy the freedom to create their own individual looks.


In addition to the clear functional benefits, FITTIN SPORTS styles will never disappoint. The coordinated designs allow for a great variety of matching possibilities. The clear, minimalistic designs allow everyone to define their own individual look and stand out from the crowd in style.


FITTIN SPORTS has the ambition to continually develop and challenge itself. No one should be deterred from developing their full potential just because they feel insecure. With the help of FITTIN SPORTS, your lifestyle choices will lead you to achieve more success, self-confidence and style.